Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is for the site professionally made by Dubai Adventures and give importance to the security of its clients who uses it.The system includes customer safety concerns, engagements outline and client, website and proprietors’ requirements; and includes site functioning, stocks and customer data assurance.

  1. The Website

    The site and its proprietary owners use proactive way to deal with clients’ protection and security all through the travelling experience. This site observes UAE laws and requirements for customer protection.

  2. Use of Cookies

    The site uses cookies for better customer browsing. Thus, relevant cookies are used for controlled framework permitting the customer on their first visit. Follows presentation requirements for the website to get appropriate approval from customers before leaving or scanning records.

    Cookies are tiny files kept in the computer that record data about the usage of the clients on the site. Through the server, the cookies provide customers with customized experience while browsing.

    Customers are entitled to deny the utilization and sharing of cookies from this site onto their computer’s storage drive by using web program privacy settings.

    The website has tracking software that selects the guests. Google Analytics developed this software, which uses cookies to follow user action. The software stores cookie on the computer storage drives to track and screen your activity on the website. Thus, it will not save individual information which states in Google’s security agreement.

    The site uses referral functions, supported links or ads when in the case; cookies stored to your computer storage drive by other vendors. Cookies are used for conversion and follow-up referral but are always terminated after 30 days or longer. Thus, no personal data is collected or stored.

  3. Contact & Communication

    As specified in the Data Protection Act 1998, personal data of clients and proprietors visiting this website are kept in private until it’s no longer needed. An effort has been made to ensure safe structure to email resignation process that prompt customers using such form on their personal risk.

    The website and its proprietary owners use data presented to provide information about products and services it offers and answers queries you may have. Includes your areas of interest to subscribe you to selected e-mail newsletters programs where website works. It is not a complete list of your user rights in getting e-marketing collateral. Your specific needs are passed on to the external party.

  4. Email Newsletter

    The site works on e-newsletter program to notify subscribers about products and services provided here. Customers may subscribe through an online automated procedure.

    UAE Spam Laws observed for subscriptions. Every personal point of interest maintain safely, and no any points of interest conceded to the third party.

    Email marketing operations printed on the site or its proprietary owners might include following facilities within the email. The database tracks and saves the subscriber’s behavior for future review and assessment. Activities that incorporate here are the email opening, message sending, links clicking within an email, times, dates and repetition of action. This data is used to improve later email campaigns and provide the customer with substances that may find interesting to them according to their usage.

    In compliance with UAE Spam Laws, subscribers are given the opportunity to choose to unsubscribe by an automated system. The procedure is in details at the bottom of each campaign email. Complete guidelines to unsubscribe is available.

  1. External Content

    This website carries content and pictures from outside third parties and companies. The site does not assume any accountability for accuracy and authenticity of the content. The site will never be liable any loss in any form.

  2. External Links

    The website aims to incorporate quality and to protect relevant external links; customers must be cautious in clicking and external web links or URLs outside the site.

    The proprietary owners of this site have no assurance or do not endorse the contents of any externally linked website despite their attempts. Customer clicks on external links are at personal risk. The website and proprietary owners are not responsible for any reparations or implications caused by visiting any of the external links.

  3. Adverts and Sponsored Links

    The site may contain supported links and adverts that are served by our advertising associates.

    When you click adverts or URLs, it will take you to the advertiser’s website by a referral program which uses cookies and track the amount of referrals sent from this site. It includes the utilization of cookies which will save on your computer’s storage drive. Customers should know that it will be on their personal risk if they click on sponsored external links.

  4. Social Media Platforms

    Any external networking platforms made through communication, involvement and actions within this website and its proprietary owners take part. It is subject to terms and conditions along with privacy policies bonded with all the social networking platforms.

    Customers are advised to use online networking platforms carefully and interact with keen attention concerning their privacy and personal details. This website or its proprietary owners may request personal information thru online networking platforms. We will communicate through telephone or e-mail.

    The website makes use of social sharing buttons being referred to from web pages to access online networking quickly. Customers must take caution before using social sharing options at their risk. Be aware that the online networking platform does not guarantee to track and save the request to share a site web page through your account or profile.

  5. Shortened Links in Social Media

    The website and its proprietary owners through their online networking platforms accounts or profiles may share web connections for suitable site web pages. Some online networking stages abbreviate long URLs by default.

    Customers are asked to be cautious before clicking any of the abbreviated URLs issued on online networking platforms by the website. Though we make our greatest efforts to guarantee absolute URLs published on online networking platforms; are not intended to spam or hack. The site and its proprietary owners are not liable for any damages or implications caused by visiting any abbreviated connections, links or URLs.

  6. Website Usage Restrictions

    All substance in this site is solely the company’s property and that you agree not to exploit any of its parts for any purpose.

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