Witness the Stunning Attractions in Abu Dhabi Tour from Dubai

Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven emirates which stands as the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Most compelling evidence, it is the most renowned place and the central city in UAE after Dubai lying on a T-shaped island along the Persian Gulf. All in all, fantastic experience of a mix of cultural heritage and a luxurious modernization – Abu Dhabi tourist spots have been renowned in the must see and a visited area in UAE.


Pick Up & Drop Off By Bus
from Dubai
Adult 300 AED

6 Hour City Tour

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Pick Up & Drop Off By Bus
from Dubai
Adult 1000 AED

6 Hour City Tour

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Abu Dhabi City Tour 300 AED*

  • Pick-Up and Drop-off by 4x4 from your location Dubai / Sharjah.
  • All Common Package Inclusions

Exclusive Package @ 1000 AED*

  • Common Package Inclusions (Please read as given below).
  • Pick-up by Exclusive / Private Car / 4x4 from your residence Dubai/Sharjah
  • 5-10min stop at Last Exit for Tea

Book an Unforgettable Abu Dhabi City Tour With us:

Learn about local culture and the landmarks of Abu Dhabi city with our expert guides. In the long run, the impressive monuments of the city will surely delight you.

An Interesting Experience:

A full day Abu Dhabi tour is an interesting experience. With this in mind, you will witness the most exciting architectures and also the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Moreover, our tour guide is excellent and has a lot of information about important places and people.

Enjoy the brilliant culture and luxurious places in the capital of the UAE. Given these points, Happy Tours promises to achieve its mission of “Smile at Every Mile” and prepare to mesmerize its guest the best possible way.

Common Packages Inclusions:

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  • Emirates Palace
  • Heritage Village
  • Museum
  • Abudhabi Corniche
  • Presidential Palace
  • Dates Market
  • Ferarri World


  • Firstly, it is important to make the booking for Abu Dhabi city tour in advance within or more than two days.
  • Secondly, you need to inform us of your trip cancellation otherwise you will have to pay the 15% cancellation charges.
  • Thirdly, 100% cancellation charges apply on canceling the trip on the same day as of the tour date.
  • Another key point to remember, in case of trip rescheduling or amendment at least a day before the tour date, no cancellation charges apply. The new date is valid within 365 days from the amendment time.
  • At any rate, there is no fee for the children below three years while for the children above three years; the fee is the same as that of adults.
  • All in all, credit/Debit Card or Bank Transfer/Deposit/ Online Purchase.

Why Choose Abu Dhabi Tourist Places Package?

Abu Dhabi city is among the world's best cities to live in. On the positive side, this city has retained its charm and works at a moderate pace, but that doesn't mean it lags in making the world records. To be brief, Abu Dhabi surprises its tourist with the charming structures of the world.

  1. A Must-Visit Place:

    Visiting Abu Dhabi is a must if you are coming to the United Arab Emirates. Afterward, a Lot of the Abu Dhabi tourist spots that you will see includes the Grand Mosque, Ferrari World and Emirates Palace.
    Sooner or later, discover the great gems of Arabia in the second most populous city of UAE and a high center of tourism. Above all, this tour is a gateway to fun-filled opportunities and a blend of modern day thrills and cultural explorations.

  2. Drive through the Modern City:

    Your tour will start with pickup from your hotel or residence in Dubai, and then we shall drive you through the tourist places in Abu Dhabi. During the 2 hours’ drive, we will make sure that you are comfortable by checking the vehicle is clean and the air conditioner functioning properly.

  3. Explore the Beautiful Capital of UAE:

    Abu Dhabi is the capital city of UAE. Moreover, this region is emerging as a regional powerhouse and a leader in Arab culture and art. In fact, it has a long history and to understand it completely one needs to spend a lifetime.

  4. Heritage of Abu Dhabi:

    This city tour focuses on Abu Dhabi's heritage and its lovely connection with the Royal Family.

  5. Witness the Record-Breaking Structures:

    Next, you will get a fascinating glimpse of the record-breaking structures and the beautiful architecture of this trip.

  6. The Exciting Abu Dhabi Tourist Places:

    Pass by the white monumental Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and admire its beauty. Furthermore, going through in your list of Abu Dhabi tourist places you will see the astounding Emirates Palace and continue your journey to Abu Dhabi Corniche, which has a well-planned location with plenty of Kids Play area, restaurants, and cafes.

  7. Top Destinations at its Best:

    As we move out of the modern luxurious Abu Dhabi attractions like Ferrari World and Yas Island, you will get to visit the Heritage Village and Abu Dhabi National Museum which will provide you with an opportunity to gain an insight into its history.

  8. Enjoy the Best Trip:

    The tour will soon end with a drive back to Dubai dropping you to your hotel or residence. With Happy Tours, we will never fail you to have a chance to complain; for we believe that providing you with the best service fulfill our mission of "Smile at every mile."

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The Fantastic Abu Dhabi Tourist Places Packages Inclusions:

Know how Abu Dhabi merges its ancient heritage with the modern contemporary life in the Abu Dubai city tour. Given these points, this tour includes the best highlight of Abu Dhabi so that you cover all the mesmerizing sight of the city.

  1. Pickup:
    Pickup from your hotel or residence in Dubai.
  2. Jebel Ali port:
    Drive through the world's biggest human-made Jebel Ali port.
  3. Abu Dhabi Corniche:
    The Corniche road is spread across 8-km of waterfront that includes separate cycles and pedestrian pathways, children play area, restaurants, cafes and the Corniche beach.
  4. Marina Mall:
    This is a fashionable world of fair and glamour where the most exquisite brand of worlds welcomes you.
  5. Sheikh Zayed Mosque:
    This grand mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world. Moreover, it captures an amazing interaction between Islamic and world cultures. Surprisingly, it has an open door policy that invites celebrants from all over the world and allows them to witness the spectacular dome and the iconic prayer hall.
  6. Abu Dhabi Heritage Village:
    Experience the traditional aspect of desert life and get indulged in the place that takes you to a life of souks and mosque. No doubt, this traditional village provides a fantastic glimpse of the Emirate's past.
  7. Presidential Palace:
    Witness the official residence of the president.
  8. Abu Dhabi Market:
    Spend a fantastic time in the Abu Dhabi market. Even more, you will have a pretty hard time leaving this market empty handed.
  9. Emirates Palace (optional):
    This is a luxury 5-star hotel located on the Arabian Gulf Shores. On the whole, Emirate Palace is an exciting and iconic landmark of Abu Dhabi.
  10. Ferrari Park:
    Drive through the great Ferrari branded Theme Park. Moreover, enjoy the record-breaking rides and witness the most exquisite cars in this fantastic park. Notably, this magnificent park is home to an inspired Ferrari rides. By and large, it has the biggest Ferrari store and many excellent dining options for the whole family.
  11. Drop off:
    Drop back to your hotel or residence in Dubai.


Q1. On which days this tour is offered?

A. The tour is offered daily. You can call us for more details.

Q2. What are the tour timings?

A. Abu Dhabi city tour starts at 9 AM and ends around 1 PM.

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